Leadership Team

Pastors & Staff

Jared Pickard

Lead Pastor

Jared Pickard is our lead pastor. He has served at Connect City Church since 2011. Growing up as a pastor's kid, Jared was saved at the tender age of 8, but went through a period of rebellion in his early 20's that left him addicted to drugs and alcohol. He found Jesus again in Freedom Counseling Services in Lafayette, Georgia... where he also found his wife, Bonnie. They live in Trion with their daughter, Justice.

Greg Sullivan

Associate Pastor

Greg Sullivan serves as our Associate Pastor at Connect.  Greg was delivered from his addiction to drugs and alcohol over 25 years ago and has been serving the Lord in various capacities ever since. Married for over fifteen years to Melanie, Greg is a homeschooling father of two amazing kids, Noah and Anna.

Keith Kersnowski

Worship Pastor

Keith Kersnowski serves as our Worship Pastor. He's been leading congregations in worship since he was a teenager. Keith has been delivered out of the bondage of addiction and proudly shares his testimony to help deliver others from the grip of alcohol and drugs. He is married to Jessica, and they have three daughters: Cadence, Kennedy and Caroline.

Ethan Bradley

Youth Pastor

Ethan Bradley is our Youth Pastor and brings lots of energy and creativity to the mix.  His passion for instilling the Word of God into our students is inspiring to kids and adults alike. He's been pursuing a degree in divinity through the Christian Leadership Institute since 2016, works at Smith Ironworks, and plays a pretty mean mandolin! He is married to Ariel and they have two boys, Jonah and Elliot. 

Sandy Bryant, Megan Ray, Kelia Purcell, Amy Jones

Connect Kids

Our Connect Kids team is made up of four extraordinary ladies: Sandy Bryant, Megan Ray, Kelia Purcell, and Amy Jones. They each bring unique strengths to the table and together are a formidable team indeed! All four of these amazing ladies have all served as teachers in one capacity or another. Our kiddos are so lucky to have these four working so diligently every week on their behalf!

Jenny Hardy

Connect Kids Check-In Leader

Jenny Hardy serves as the Team Leader for our Connect Kids Check In Desk. She works at Advance Rehab, is married to Jeremy, and lives in Trion with their two boys, Jaden and Jonas. 

Bonnie Pickard

Connections Team

Bonnie leads our Connections Team, which includes greeters, ushers, and coffee bar servers. Bonnie is the wife of our lead pastor Jared. They have one daughter (Justice) and live in Trion.